When Narrow Arrow told me they were sending me wide leg pants to wear during New York Fashion Week, at first, I was so excited. They looked incredible on the model and I was like, “those are perfect”. But then, wardrobe doubt set in as I thought to myself, “can I even pull these off?” I have muscular legs from all my years of dancing and I definitely don’t have dainty, skinny ankles.

You may have noticed, but in almost all my outfits, I’m normally wearing skirts or dresses (and rompers in the summer). I shy away from pants because it’s hard for me to find ones that are a) flattering and b) comfortable – except for yoga pants, which are the love of my life that I live in daily when I’m not taking photos.

Thank goodness for my stylist friend Christina who quickly settled my nerves. Her response was, “you can absolutely pull them off, you just need the right pair of shoes!” I trust her, she’s always right when it comes to what’s going to look best on my body shape.

Lo and behold, this might just be my favorite look from New York Fashion Week. Narrow Arrow has crafted the perfect pair of icey cool culottes (and now they have a drop dead gorgeous pair in merlot,too!). If you’ve been scared to try wide leg pants, these are the ones to break your fear. The ultra wide leg and elasticated waistband make these super comfy (plus, there are pockets!). I love that this look is both strong and feminine.

In this look, I’m wearing them with the Wabisabi Shirt also from Narrow Arrow, which is so not your average white button up. It’s architecturally inspired with an exposed back panel that gives an edgy, but not overly exposed look. Because I’m on the shorter side of fashion industry standards, loosely crossing the bottom of the shirt in the front kept my body looking proportionate and accentuated my waistline (which goes to show, don’t feel like you always need to wear your clothes they way they’re “supposed” to go in the picture!).

Narrow Arrow founders Cass and Joss met at the young age of 12 through martial arts training. Don’t mess with them because they have both picked up a blackbelt, but this is also how they developed a fondness of Japanese shapes and cuts. From the start of their teenage years, Cass and Joss longed for the unique, out-of-budget, high fashion designs they saw gracing magazines and runways. Refusing to take part in temporary trends and the consequences of fast fashion, the pair vowed to create timeless, versatile pieces for fashionistas around the world. The road to bringing the brand to life has not been easy and for quite some time, it was as if life was dragging them back. But, like an arrow, those times are what positioned them to shoot forward. Hence the name, Narrow Arrow!

Allyn x

Founder, Hit The Gem