If somehow you haven't heard us harping on about it yet, we're a 100% creative fashion brand...

This means that we don't wait for fashion week to come around and then copy from the catwalks (because what's even creative about that?) or join the fast paced fashion race on the high street to be the first to launch the latest passing trend. 

So how do we manage to keep creating such innovative, unique designs, you say?

Well, we are inspired by everything from photography, people and dance to music and geometric design. Putting the artistic aspect back into fashion gives vibrancy and meaning to what we wear... and we LOVE it! 

The main influence running through all of our collections is the unique combination of ancient tradition alongside modern innovation found in Japanese culture. In particular, the super interesting architecture always captures our attention.

Just look at this striking, yet absolutely tiny Tokyo house we came across today!  So modern it has a futuristic feel, we're ultra inspired by the simple, structural design and the way it utilises space. 

Incorporating industrial design into our work is an obsession of ours, so don't be surprised if in the future you see a sleeve channelling these strong shapes and bold minimalism.

Get inspired by everything and everyone... challenge your preconceived ideas... find the captivating beauty in what others overlook...

And above all... SUPPORT SLOW FASHION!