And yes... we cringed as we read that last sentence too.

But contemptible copywriting aside, to quote the indisputably clever Aristotle:

'Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work' 

And we have mad love for our work.

Work for Joss is running a tight ship at the Narrow Arrow studio in Digbeth, Birmingham, where all of our clothes are carefully handmade. You are most likely to catch her co-designing cool new collections with Cass, who can also be found doing everything from art directing to marketing. Jay is the one with the business brain and spends the majority of his time reigning in the girl's united creative madness to a much more practical, semi-sensible level.  

As shameless workaholics, we take the concept of perfectionism to a whole different level, but only because we can't get enough of what we do! The harder we push, the prouder we are of our work and we're positive that when you open a beautifully wrapped Narrow Arrow delivery... you'll see just how much love and attention we put into every detail.