Throw some shade this summer

Throw some shade this summer

 When it comes to accessories, everything nineties is seriously hot right now… 

Chokers, scrunchies, mules… and now the nineties revival is kicking it up a notch ready for summer, as sunglasses not only get round and retro… but also bright and insanely tiny.

Allyn Lewis, fashion blogger and influencer shares my obsession/nostalgia for the decade that gave us girl power, grunge and Gwen Stefani along with trend setting celebs such as Alexa Chung and Gigi Hadid. Allyn wore the Narrow Arrow Oversized Backless Shirt with the Ultra Wide Leg Culottes in Ice Grey to New York Fashion Week 2017 and finished the look with some ultra chic, oversized oval frames.  


Steal Allyn’s streetstyle:

Narrow Arrow Oversized Backless Shirt in White –


Narrow Arrow Ultra Wide Leg Culottes in Ice Grey –


Sunglasses – Activa, $109


And check out her awesome style and lifestyle blog at

Now, whilst I’m all for a nod to the nineties, I’m not entirely sure about the bizarre emergence of super small, super bright sunglasses (that don’t even cover your eyes, let alone offer any sort of UV protection) that the FROW crowd can’t seem to get enough of.

As Allyn says in her blog ‘I never quite got the sunglass craze. I mean, every year when I go to New York Fashion Week, 80% of people are not only wearing them on the streets, but also inside, which just always blew my mind. I get that people wear them inside to look cool, but if you’re trying to look cool, doesn’t it automatically make it an uncool thing to do?’

Maybe on a practicality basis, this trend should have been left behind with butterfly clips and body glitter…