What is ethical fashion?

What is ethical fashion?

“If you describe something as ethical, you mean that it is morally right or morally acceptable.” - Collins English Dictionary...

Did you know that over 1 million tonnes of clothing a year is tossed into landfill... and that's just the UK?

Assigns a whole new meaning to the phrase 'throwaway fashion', huh?

Cheap and low quality, fashion clothing is seen almost as disposable... but this fast paced production of poor quality, passing trends is destroying the planet and everything that lives on it. 

Most fashion manufacturing processes are unsustainable and polluting the earth.

But it's also destroying everything I love about the fashion industry... carefully considered, authentic designs... art and creativity... beautifully made and finished pieces.

But it's cheap, so people buy it. 

But low cost means that less goes to the people that make them. The fashion industry isn't dependant on designers, or brands, or supermodels... it depends on the workers and people way behind the glossy magazine adverts in your favourite fashion mag. Sadly these people are often exploited... sadder still they are often children. They are often working in horrific conditions for very little pay and even less workers rights. 


Bridging the gap

As a brand, Narrow Arrow aims to raise awareness of how damaging this modern day cycle of fashion consumption is and offer an affordable alternative - because everyone should have the opportunity to give throwaway fashion the middle finger.

When you shop at Narrow Arrow you are supporting British trade and local industry. Our employees manufacture our garments in-house at our studio in the UK, to the highest standards. They are paid fairly and treated like family. It also means you are investing in timeless, creative design and high quality, handmade garments that will last way past the end of the season... and the next one... and the next.

This is fashion to fall in love with.

And as for animals...

Narrow Arrow is a 100% cruelty free brand... we use no fur or leather in our garments... there's just no need. End of.  

Check out our promises as a brand below: