Woke Fashion

Woke Fashion

Empowerment is the biggest fashion trend of 2018… and I love it!

Back in the day, when modelling first emerged as a profession in the nineteenth century, it was unquestionably a subservient one. With a job description of traditionally tall, white, skinny and silent, models throughout the industry have been treated as mere mannequins, rather than human beings. 

In the age of Instagram and Snapchat, the fashion industry is revolutionising and it’s no longer cool for models to vacantly slouch down the runway. Witnessing the rise of the socially conscious supermodel is an unexpected, yet incredibly beautiful thing and with activism as the new accessory of choice on this year’s catwalks, fashion is no longer a look, it’s a viewpoint.

Social media has given models a voice/platform and trailblazing this trend is Adwoa Aboah, whose Instagram account highlights decidedly moving posts about her own struggles with mental health amongst the stunning, yet standard, behind the scenes catwalk shots walking for Dior and Versus Versace.

Meanwhile, Cameron Russell, Vogue cover star and a campaigner for sustainability in fashion is recruiting other likeminded models as highly vocal activists.

Models represent a fantasized view of women – we all want to be them; and everyone wants to be with them as we envy their apparently glamorous lifestyles and at the same time so strange, yet thought provoking, why up until 2018, have models been seen and not heard?